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Cloud Services

Cloud Services Cloud services gives a very high elastic environment that gives on-demand infrastructure over the internet with scalable resources (networks, servers, storage, applications, and services), which can be deployed quickly with cost efficiency and minimal management effort. We provide cloud services from Amazon, Rackspace, Joyent and other cloud service providers as per client needs. Routing and DNS We help our client in DNS

Monitor System performance, activity, and hard-drive space

We are making sure that there is sufficient RAM (memory) and CPU resources and hard drive space to adequately run server. Low resources can cause slow performance and possible corruption of files and applications.Taking appropriate actions as needed.We are also monitoring the server by setting different alerts and emails notification. In case Amazon, cloud watch facility is there. Cloud Watch allows various amazon web service to monitor products.


when we are in cloud. We have seen many cases where cloud instances get hacked. There we know how to protect cloud server against such incidents. We heavily rely on security groups and Linux hardening, antivirus and other utilities that protect the servers. For clients that need high level of security on cloud, we configure virtual private cloud (VPC) for them which isolate the cloud server from public internet. Devops We provide

24x7 Support

With this option, our dedicated team of engineers keep eyes on your infrastructure, monitor your infrastructure 24x7 and keep your infrastructure up and running round the clock. Inform you if anything wrong found. Sending you automatic alerts for different settings so you can also get idea how your infrastructure is functioning.


We are expert in migration of single website transfer to a multi-server/sites and applications transfer. We know the migration process well. We do the hassle-free migration. We also providing post migration support as well.While doing migration we assured that access of your credentials, designs, business sensitive data, important documents, hosting details all remain confidential. After the migration complete, we make sure that it is completely compatible with new environment. If found any issue with new environment, we will help you resolve this with new environment service provider.

Server Security

Sure that IPSec (IP Security) Services are running which protects the network from attacks and information monitoring by encrypting the data. It also prevents “ID spoofing” where attackers can falsify the identity of the sender or receiver. Also, making sure that the Windows Firewall is running to prevent network intrusions.

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