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What is Marketing Analytics?

Marketing analytics involves measuring, managing and evaluating the performance of various marketing activities including pricing and promotions, to improvise their efficacy and enhance return on investment (ROI). Proper understanding of marketing analytics makes marketers more focused and efficient in using their budget in multitude of marketing activities. If deployed properly, analytics can provide profound knowledge of customer preferences and latest market trends resulting in better customer relationship management, creating a better marketing mix as well more detailed competitor analysis. In spite of these captivating benefits, many establishments fail to ever realize the potential of customer analytics solutions..

What is Social Media Analytics?

Social media analytics helps businesses know and act upon the social media influence of their services, products, markets, campaigns, employees and associates. It scrutinizes uncountable social media comments and delivers customized outcomes in the form of easy to understand charts and dashboards. Assembled with prominent analytics platform, it conveniently links with other business analytics solutions as well as in-house business processes. Nurture your business with deeper and better knowledge of your customer and customer sentiments with the help of web analytics, mobile analytics, Google analytics and Adwords, etc. They also let you calculate the effect of marketing campaigns, be it SMS marketing or video marketing.

Web Analytics

Web analytics is not only a tool for evaluating web traffic but it also helps with business and market research. Moreover, it also measure and enhance the efficiency of a website.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics service is an analysis based service that is provided by Google itself. It comes with capabilities to create detailed statistics of a website’s traffic as well as its traffic sources and evaluates conversions and sales. It is one of the most popular website statistics services that are extremely useful for social analytics.

What is Technology, Media & Telecom?

Intelligent gadgets and networks are also playing an important role these days in every business. ‘Anytime, Anywhere, and Any Device’ is the new standard in the connected world. Enterprises are enjoying benefit of increasing prospects. Be it an IT organization moving into mobile gadgets market, old-style cable companyoffering broadband services, or classic media enterprise everybody is moving onto new media that is Internet.

Healthcare Pharmaceuticals Analytics

Healthcare systems all across the globe are facing elderly people, chronic disease and radical but costly treatments. All this has put pressure on healthcare customers and healthcare suppliers. The enormous data and ever growing treatment alternatives are making it tough to balance patient care with regulatory functioning expenses.

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