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What is Test Management?

Software testing is a crucial part of Software Development Life Cycle. Test management refers to managing the entire process of software testing. Software testing process consists of various steps such as creating test plan, writing test cases, executing test cases, bugs reporting & management etc.

Main steps in the test management are given below: • Creating tests

• Preparing test campaigns
• Generating reports and metrics
• Managing bugs

Creating tests

Creating test step include creating test plan, writing test cases in association with product requirements and specifications. Over the course of the project, every change on a test is versioned to allow QA team getting a comprehensive view of the test history.

What is System Testing ?

System testing - In the world of software testing – refers to testing the software application as a whole. It's obvious that a software application comprises of several things e.g. software modules, hardware and third party systems. This kind of testing is done to make sure that all parts of the system are working together as planned to meet the overall functional requirements of the system.

What it involves?

System testing typically includes following:

• Testing entire system type of test, QA team tests the fully integrated system including external peripherals in order to check how different components interact with each other. This is also called End to End scenario testing.
• Verifying expected output of all functions
• Verifying user's experience with the application

What is User Acceptance Testing?

User Acceptance Testing, commonly known as UAT, is the last step in the software application development before the delivery to client. It is a process which is used to confirm the functionality and performance of the application prior to its release to the business. This testing is mainly done in a special or separate environment trying to replicate actual business usage as close as possible.

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