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What is Website Design?

User interface is something which is used by users to interact with a website. This is what acts as a layer between a user and the actual programming that runs any website. Users never care about or have absolutely no idea about how a website functions from the programming point of view; what they care about is the User interface.

Website Design steps

Concept design In this phase designers create conceptual designs for the website. Concept designs are used to demonstrate the layout of the website along with color scheme that will be used. Usually they create 2-3 different options for the design and give it to the customer for the feedback. This procedure may be repeated for the option that is chosen by customer to make the adjustments as per the feedback


In this stage, business analysts, or sometimes designers, make the wireframes the pages of the website. Wireframes are used to define the structure or layout of the pages. Wireframes do not have any design elements; they are just the sketches which represent the layout of the pages. Wire-framing tools such as Balsamiq are used in this phase.

HTML or Theme Building

Once the design for all pages is ready, designers then create HTML or Theme for the website. Output of this step will be HTML pages and CSS for the website. This is the last step of the design phase. Designers then handover HTML and other design assets to developers who then integrate the design into their programming which makes the website complete. What we offer The services that E2logy offers in the website design category

Mobile App Design

We are doing Smartphones are gaining enormous popularity day by day and so does the mobile app. Due to the smaller screen resolutions, it becomes a challenging task for the designers to make a design which fits the screen and also covers all the features that customers want. Due to this challenge, they have to come up with new and innovative ways. On the other hand, mobile app are becoming more and more complex in terms of functionality so designers have to constantly design these complex functions without losing a good user experience. Mobile app design is a procedure through which a designer creates designs interface of the mobile app.

What is Responsive Website Design

Responsive website design is the newest branch of website design. It has come into existence because nowadays more and more users have started accessing websites via their smartphones and tablets. If a normal website is accessed via smartphones or tablets, the design elements would start breaking as they are not programmed to get adjusted as per the screen size.

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