Front End Development

In today's internet driven world, all of us access many websites. These websites provide us answers to our questions, help us manage our day-to-day tasks, help us to get in touch with our loved ones and also help us to make new friends. Any website consists of two parts; a Front End and a Back End. Front End is the user facing side of any website. This is what we as the users see and interact with.

Front End Technologies

Some of the technologies which are used to develop front end include below: • HTML • CSS • JavaScript • JQuery Examples of Front End are Google, eBay etc.

Back End Development

In today's world people use various websites to perform a variety of tasks in their homes as well as at their workplaces. The part of the website that they interact with is called a front end which is just an interface to the backend - the part which is actually responsible for carrying out the commands given by users via front end.

Back End Technologies and Database

Back end is a combination of various server side programming languages and database as listed below: Languages • PHP • RUBY • .NET • Phython Databases • MySQL • MSSQL • ACCESS

Custom CRM Development

A Customer Relationship Management Software known as a CRM helps organizations to meet their customer relationship goals. In today's world, where customers rule the business, managing relationship with existing & future customers can be a challenging task for organizations due to the increased competition and overall increase in the amount of information that an organization needs to manage. CRM software comes to the rescue and helps organizations muddle through this situation. Companies

Custom Ecommerce Development

Electronic Commerce, commonly known as E-commerce, refers to a virtual marketplace where sellers sell their products and services to the buyers over the internet. In last few years, E-commerce has gained enormous popularity and become the most preferred way of buying and selling products and services.

Unlike traditional ways, all aspects of commerce i.e. putting products or services for sell, viewing the product or service details, purchasing product or service, payment and delivery etc. are carried out using the internet.

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